Choosing between Soft or Hard bait is the first and most important choice here. Once you choose Hard or Soft bait, then you can fine tune it with Type, Shape, Rig and Color. The bait goes hand-in-hand with location, so do lots of experimenting to find the best combinations.

Gotta have some line to hold that bait!

Eight types of locations and 3 different depths will keep you busy on the lake. Make sure to try different baits with the locations.

This is your anglers percentage chance to catch a fish. The higher the better!

You can save your strategy settings so they can be loaded at an instant. This is a great way to save the rigs you find work best to catch monster bass.

Kids like to eat, drink and have fun. They won't spend time shopping for fishing equipment. Make sure you have plenty of buildings to keep their bellies full and to keep them occupied.

Teens like a little bit of everything. They like to eat, shop and experience all the great stuff at the lake.

Adults spend most of their time shopping and visiting exhibits. But they will get hungry so make sure they'll be satisfied.


Bait & Tackle Shop
Sell Tacklebox & Bait
+1 Lake Popularity

Pro Shop
Sell Rod & Reel
+3 Lake Popularity

Mega Pro Shop
Sell Fishing Clothes
+5 Lake Popularity

Camping Tent
Sell a good night's sleep
-1 Lake Popularity

Sell a better night's sleep
+1 Lake Popularity

Sell the best night's sleep
+5 Lake Popularity

+5 Lake Popularity

Super Stage
+10 Lake Popularity

Mega Stage
+15 Lake Popularity

Hot Dog Tent
Sell Hot Dogs
+1 Lake Popularity

Pizza Tent
Sell Pizza
+2 Lake Popularity

Bass Bar & Grill
Sell a Steak Dinner
+3 Lake Popularity

Soda Machine
Sell Soda
-1 Lake Popularity

Coffee Shop
Sell Coffee
+1 Lake Popularity


Vending Machine
Sell Candy
-1 Lake Popularity

Ice Cream Tent
Sell Ice Cream
+1 Lake Popularity

Hat Kiosk
Sell Hats
+3 Lake Popularity

T-Shirt Kiosk
Sell T-Shirts
+3 Lake Popularity

Sunglasses Kiosk
Sell Sunglasses
+3 Lake Popularity

Guide Service
Sell Guide Service
+3 Lake Popularity

Pro Angler Autograph Tent
Sell Pro Angler Autograph
+3 Lake Popularity

Pro Angler Photo Tent
Sell Pro Angler
+3 Lake Popularity

Fishing Museum
Sell Museum Tickets
+3 Lake Popularity

Fun House
Sell Kid's Playtime
+3 Lake Popularity

Berkley Exhibit
+5 Lake Popularity

Abu Garcia Exhibit
+5 Lake Popularity

Fenwick Exhibit
+5 Lake Popularity

Super Berkley Exhibit
+20 Lake Popularity

Triton Boat Dealer
+10 Lake Popularity

Mercury Exhibit
+5 Lake Popularity

Toyota Exhibit
+5 Lake Popularity

Super Toyota Exhibit
+5 Lake Popularity

Motorguide Exhibit
+5 Lake Popularity

+1 Lake Popularity

+3 Lake Popularity

Video Board
+10 Lake Popularity

Raffle Ticket Kiosk
Sell Raffle Tickets
+1 Lake Popularity

Info Kiosk
Sell Lake Maps
+1 Lake Popularity

Viewing Lawn
Watch Fishing
+3 Lake Popularity

Collect ATM fees

Only one person at a time!
-1 Lake Popularity

Large Bathroom
Everybody's welcome - filler up!

TV Field Studio
+10 Lake Popularity

TV Camera Platform
+3 Lake Popularity

First Aid Center
+3 Lake Popularity

Breeding & Stocking Building
+100 Fish

Fish Biologist Building
+2.5 pounds to Fish Size


Choose from 16 different pieces of scenery to create an amazing habitat for the fish. Different types of scenery will add more fish to the lake or make them get bigger. Experiment with different types and combinations to build the ultimate lake. The types of scenery include:

  • Bushes
  • Grass
  • Mats
  • Rocks
  • Stumps
  • Lay Downs
  • Timber
  • Pads


Master of Fish & Water

1 - Bigger Bass DNA
Is bigger better? No problem! Scientists mix some monster bass DNA into the gene pool. +1 lbs. 4 ozs. to the Max Fish Size!
(Florida Strain)

2 - More Bass DNA
Need some more fish? We have the answer. Scientists mix in DNA from Mama Bass, the mother of over 1 million fish eggs.
+50 Fish to the Lake!
(Northern Strain)

3 - Bubba's Gene Pool
Great news! DNA samples of the uncatchable monster bass Bubba have been found.
+1 lbs. 4 ozs. Max Fish Size / +50 Fish to the Lake!
(Tiger Hybrid Strain)

4 - Sorting for Big Ones
Sometimes the fish don't get big enough on their own, but there's a solution. Add some baby monster bass to lake and they'll be giants in no time.
+2 lbs. 8 ozs. Max Fish Size!
(Florida Fingerlings)

5 - Dump 'Em In
The more the merrier. Pump up the volume by dumping a ton of baby fish in the lake.
+100 Fish to the Lake!
(Northern Fingerlings)

6 - Bubba's Little Ones
Don't ask how they were found, but we have them. A load of
little Bubba fish that will give your fish population a jolt!
+2 lbs. 8 ozs. Max Fish Size / +100 Fish to the Lake!
(Tiger Hybrid Fingerlings)

7 - Size Matters
We've rounded up some big 12 inchers from a giant gene pool. We're talking about some good cannonballers.
+3 lbs. 9 ozs. Max Fish Size!
(Florida 12 Inchers Lake)

8 - It's All About the Quantity
If quantity is all that you want, then that's what you'll get. This batch will fill your lake with a ton of bass.
+150 Fish to the Lake!
(Northern 12 Inchers)

9 - Bubba's Little Brothers
The next best thing to Bubba is having his little brothers. Dump these 12 inch little monsters in and soon you'll be swimming with plenty of giants.
+3 lbs. 12 ozs. Max Fish Size / +150 Fish to the Lake!
(Tiger Hybrid 12 Inchers)

10 - The Big Drop
If price doesn't matter, the best thing to do is fly in a plane and fertilize the whole lake. That's going to crank up your population a couple of notches.
+5 lbs. Max Fish Size / +200 Fish to the Lake!
(Fertilize Lake)


Sculpting the Lake

Use a variety of tools to sculpt the terrain into the ultimate lake!!


Event Screen
Here you will setup the entry fee and prize money for the tournament. There are 3 numbers you'll have to balance to make the most money:

  1. Maximum Entrants - Control the amount of anglers that can enter the tournament. The more anglers, the more money you can make, but also more competition for you if you want to win the tournament! The maximum amount of anglers in a tournament is 25.
  2. Entry Fee - The higher the entry fee the more money you can make, but the anglers will also be more selective about entering the tournament.
  3. Prize Money - The higher the prize money the more anglers will sign up for the tournament. Just remember the prize money comes out of your pocket!

Sponsors Screen
Here you will accept sponsor offers. The higher your Lake Popularity, the more money you will make!